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Get to know us

We are BEAM

BEAM is an innovation and business development firm. We empower companies to become future-ready and adopt to the opportunities of the digital era.

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What we do

We are a group of consultants, entrepreneurs and designers united by our passion for innovation and future technologies. Leading DAX-listed companies put their trust in our expertise and involve us throughout the whole innovation process – from the first ideation workshops up the launch of future business solutions. We work at the intersection of Marketing, Sales, IT and Design, providing our clients innovation workshops, market insights, strategic business concepts and hands-on project management.

Our philosophy

We love people, ideas and future business design. Technology and digital media has become an integral part of our lives today. There is almost no area in our daily routine, where digital technology has not made its impact. We believe in the positive impact of technology. BEAM is an consulting firm born out of the passion to build purpose-driven digital solutions. We wake up in the morning to create ideas and concepts, which grow into solid businesses, to create growth for businesses and sustainable wealth for our society.

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