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Understanding Blockchain: From Crypto to Token Economy.

GROHE is already a world leading brand in providing sanitary fittings. The company has a long tradition in focusing on quality, technology and design.

As a global company they understand that there are growth opportunities everywhere. And that an innovative mind-set is growing their business worldwide since many years. As a technology company they are looking constantly for new technologies to improve their business, dealing with one of the most relevant resources: water.

BEAM was asked to present the blockchain technology at GROHE to inform their digital innovation strategy. BEAM expects the blockchain technology to become a fundamental game changer in how we manage data and values in our digital society. What began among an evangelist group of developers with the Bitcoin-blockchain has now captured the tech Zeitgeist and blockchain is wildly discussed regarding its decentralization power to govern values and resources, based on encryption, consensus algorithms and smart contracts. BEAM presented examples on the decentralization power of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and how those technologies can create new digital business solutions and processes.